True happiness is out there somewhere! Better get going!

LEGUMI is a game about eating beans and finding true happiness. 

Collect beans to keep yourself fed as you explore huge worlds in search of more beans, as well as the wisdom huts that will lead you along the trail to that ultimate treasure. 

  • Face dangerous monsters
  • Uncover unusual treasures
  • Explore strange worlds
  • Purchase neat upgrades
  • Random-ish levels
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Simple but tough 

Do whatever you can to get past whatever sits between you and True Happiness

Updates planned! Make sure to add this game to your collections!


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In order to download this Demo you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 CAD. You will get access to the following files: 42 MB


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I've gotten as far as the smoking hippie blob guy's home.  A maunch minor chased into the ocean after me after finding a conch at the coast.  Cool game, had fun eating beans.

Thanks! I tried to make it even HALF as fun as eating them in real life. Thanks for the feedback! The blob man is one of three, and finding them all opens the path forward ;)