True happiness is out there somewhere! Better get going!

LEGUMI is a game about eating beans and finding true happiness. 

In this game:

  • You have sixty seconds to live
  • Everything appears as a distant glisten until you're really close to it
  • Some of those things are monsters, and if you're close enough to tell it's a monster you're already too late
  • Every time you fail, everything shuffles around

Thankfully, you can find and eat beans. Beans are great for all sorts of reasons:

  • They give you ten more glorious seconds of life
  • They all contain two explosive little "pips" that can be thrown in clumps to make big noise, and hopefully scare monsters away
  • If you pick them, they'll grow back in one minute.

What are you even running around looking for? The hidden wisdom houses that will lead you towards True Happiness... what other treasure would be so worthy?

You can make your journey easier by tracking down treasure and purchasing upgrades for yourself.

  • Face dangerous monsters
  • Uncover unusual treasures
  • Explore strange worlds
  • Purchase neat upgrades
  • Random-ish levels
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Simple but tough 

Do whatever you can to get past whatever sits between you and True Happiness

Updates planned! Make sure to add this game to your collections!


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Very cute, hope you keep developing this.

Ah, this made my day! Thank you so much!

The game is currently actually completed! The web version is just a demo. I do plan on giving it some polish and features down the road, though.

Your pro/con list was very uplifting. I had a lot of worry that it was too complex and only made sense to me, so seeing "simple gameplay" really let me relax. Also, since the management loop was the catalyst for the whole thing, it was very nice to hear you thought it was "great" :)

The cons were really helpful too.  I actually had it during development that he would blink during his last ten seconds, but I took it out because I liked the surprise of him just kinda running out of juice and falling on his face. There's no penalty for it, unless you're running from something, or out of beans. Ooh, maybe I'll make it so that he only blinks if you're almost out of time AND beans. Very interesting, haha.

Another issue you stumbled on but didn't even mention is that if the mouse can be used as an action button, then OBVIOUSLY you should be able to click the buttons. (Duh! Sorry!) I added the mouse button kindof last minute, in my game it really is just a spacebar on the end of a string. It shouldn't be too hard to fix that.

Thank you again very much for the attention and feedback! is there a place I can send you a PM?


email is easiest 

Deleted 121 days ago

Thanks! I tried to make it even HALF as fun as eating them in real life. Thanks for the feedback! The blob man is one of three, and finding them all opens the path forward ;)