On the way to the optometrist

My sunglasses fall below the seat

I reach, but am grabbed

Pulled into another world

A dark and fumbly place


Fumble Realm is a text adventure action game. Your character can see about five meters ahead, immediately to the left, and immediately to the right. They can “feel” about 2 meters behind themselves. They must draw a mental map of the five levels, searching for the portals that will take them to the next one. 

Beware the deadly robots. They’re not terribly smart, they just walk their routes.


Q & W: Turn 45 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise respectively.

Arrows: Move forwards, backwards, and sideways. 

Space: Will tell you how far away and roughly which direction you started from. (If you have the beacon, will point towards the portal)


The fumble realms are a dark and frightening place… Deadly robots march, civilizations lay abandoned.

 Do you have what it takes to find your sunglasses and escape?

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