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Monsters have begun to fill the wilds of the land, and all the children have disappeared. Here’s the thing, though… the kids used to be so noisy, and the monsters aren’t really hurting anybody, so who really cares? Well, the children kinda do.

They’re scattered and held in captivity across the land by a mysterious enemy. The children’s collective wishes materialize into existence their folk hero: Bif Borf, a majestic and intelligent buffalo. Bif Borf wastes no time setting off to track down each and every missing child, getting to the bottom of their tumultuous circumstances. 

Hurling his big, meaty, material might with the strength of a dinosaur and the grace of a swan, he pounds opponents to pulp, and delicately dances through danger.

Bif Borf is currently a WIP, but is aiming to be finished by the end of 2022. There will be 120 unique orphans to rescue from various worlds.

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